“Deep breathe.”

“Hold your breath.”  Take a breath.”   

“Save your breath.” 

“Catch your breath.”

“As I live and breathe.” 

“It took her breath away.

“Until her last breath.”

 Breath litters the English language.  We use it to urge  patience,  calm and  reflection;  to signal astonishment or a lifelong adherence to something.  Breathing and oxygen — their absence or presence  —  are at  the root of all biological equations.  For most of Earth’s creatures,  they are essential to life.  

Until 2010,  scientists believed all organisms — except a few single cell outliers — depend on oxygen for life.  (Scientific American.)

That’s when they  discovered three different multi-celled animals living well-fed, reproductive, “oxygen-free” lives  in the salty bottom muck of the Mediterranean Sea.*  Holy sh*t.

 “They …use anaerobic chemistry…” 

“…the discovery opens the possibility of complex life forms on oxygen-free planets.”

*Coincidentally, “Mediterranean whales bear the brunt of industry’s historic toxins.

    Breathing Is Political is still pulling its pants up, but hopes to be fully-dressed soon.  Thank you for your patience!


Stump Pond. (BIP)