Coming soonBreathing is Life with helps and hints for patients,  families and medical workers from a chronically healthy nurse who went to work one day and was discharged from the hospital a week later with an oxygen tank in tow.

In the wake of a personal,  life-smacking medical crisis, Liz Bucar,  a rural nurse in under-served, health-challenged Sullivan County, NY,  created Breathing Is Life where she and others with chronic diagnoses can learn, advocate together and contribute to improving  health factors and outcomes in our villages, hamlets, neighborhoods and homes. 

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A Broken Leg Won’t Scramble Your Brain

                           Words Matter:  What Should We Call Ourselves…?                         

                                   Hypoxia, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression                                (Patients/PHKs, Families, Health Care Workers:   REMEMBER THIS STUFF!)   

                                       COPD And Learning to Breathe Again                                        

                                                                 Pithy Rules                                                             

       Using Tools & Equipment:

Pulmonary Function Test, Oxygen (Tanks, Concentrator, Tubing, Humidification), Home Spirometry, Pulse Oximeters. Walkers, Wheelchairs, Shower Chairs And Other Tools Can Promote Self-Reliance…Or Muddy The                                                                          Waters.                                                                      

Give Your New Life A Chance. COPD Daily Routines:  Hygiene & Assessments,                               Food And Eating,  Quit Smoking (Yes!), Exercise                             

                                           What’s The Big Deal About Lungs?                                        

                                   Some Of COPD’s Strange Disease Bedfellows,                                  Know The Meds/Treatments You’re Using,  Odd Effects You Might Notice    

    COPD:  Cannabis Next:  Medical Rosetta Stone, “Canna Oil/Canna Butter,”                                                                    Legality:                                                               

       Living On The Edge With Chronic Illness: When To Call The Doctor, Local                                                   Resources, Building Networks                                                  

                                 Tips And Suggestions From Readers & BIL                                   

                     The “Holy Crap, What Happened to My Life?!?” Journal           

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