Light Up The Delaware River: Wrap-Up

(Addendum to “Gas Drilling Reps  Grilled in Sullivan County.”   Feeling out of the loop?  Didn’t know about  the meeting in Rock Hill?  Don’t feel bad. Supervisors James Scheutzow and Linda Babicz were there and they  echoed a pervasive complaint from other attendees about how  little advertising preceded the meeting, “We have flooding problems. We have … Continue reading “Light Up The Delaware River: Wrap-Up”

Light Up The Delaware River Party: “Shot Heard ‘Round The World?”

If you live in The Delaware River Basin, love it’s Wild & Scenic Specially Protected Waters or just like hanging out with your friends at gigunda parties,

Light Up The Delaware River: 9-6-09 Is Party Day!

In my July 17, 2009 post, I wrote, “Imagine a   Delaware River Basin [Party]…that stretches the entire 330 miles of the Basin.  Each river community will go  to the river and each person will pour a single cup of water into it. “When Gandhi led the Indian people to the sea to make salt…the … Continue reading “Light Up The Delaware River: 9-6-09 Is Party Day!”

Town of Delaware Board; Home Rule; Conflict of Interests; Public’s Right to Know

NY Court of Appeals case law interprets provisions of the ECL [Environmental Conservation Law] to conclude that a town’s zoning. ordinance does not “relate to the regulation” of the industry, as prohibited by subdivision 2 of S 23-0303 of the environmental conservation law, but rather serves to regulate the location, construction and use of buildings and land within the town, as delegated to local government by Article IX of the State Constitution.

Standing Room Only: Delaware Town Board: 4-21-10

Last month, one member of the public attended  the Delaware Town Board meeting.  Last night,  attendance was standing room only. Highway Superintendent Bill Eschenberg made an appeal to the public for patience  as he cited to reduced funding from both New York State and the federal government.  “Please remember we’re all in this together if … Continue reading “Standing Room Only: Delaware Town Board: 4-21-10”

Update: Seismic Thumping in Wayne County, PA

Confusion abounds concerning the seismic thumping planned for our neighbors in Damascus (Wayne County)  Pennsylvania. First,  as to whether or not the National Environmental Planning Act — used in the State of Wyoming  to trigger an investigation of seismic thumping — would apply to the activity in our Delaware River Corridor, apparently, the answer is,  … Continue reading “Update: Seismic Thumping in Wayne County, PA”

Update: Delaware Town Board Petition and Resolution

Dear Readers,  Breathing received an email this morning which contends  that  “…some signators  to the Resolution and Petition being circulated in The Town of Delaware believed they were endorsing an ‘anti-drilling’  petition and resolution.” Neither the petition nor the resolution are anti-drilling.  Rather, the intent of citizens who are circulating them  is to enact whatever … Continue reading “Update: Delaware Town Board Petition and Resolution”

Sullivan County Chair Asks Residents to Support Drilling Forums

The Sullivan County  Legislature unanimously banned  hydro-fracking on County property and “memorialized the  United States Senate and House of Representatives to amend appropriate federal laws to protect the environment and the public from risks associated with hydro-fracking.” PUBLIC COMMENT: (During the public comment period, all but one speaker addressed the  drilling items.) To start, Alice … Continue reading “Sullivan County Chair Asks Residents to Support Drilling Forums”

Delaware River Basin Fiber Arts

Although it was just as drizzly at Fort Delaware’s Fiber Festival  yesterday as it was  everywhere else in the Upper Delaware River Basin, during the three hours I  was there,  I didn’t hear a single comment about the weather until a slurp of water dripped down a guy line  into one of the tents and  … Continue reading “Delaware River Basin Fiber Arts”