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Breathing Is Life is a health journal with a ton of hints, information and ideas from a nurse who didn’t see her own collapse coming. Although my health crisis came as respiratory distress, Breathing Is Life is for anyone — patients, caregivers, family and friends — living with chronic illness and sudden downturns. (For more background please see, Who is BIP?)

I hadn’t been seriously or chronically ill in 64 years. I hadn’t bothered with baseline lab tests or x-rays in 20 years. My diet was atrocious and I loved to smoke. On December 21, 2016, that train came to a crashing halt. Or, as a friend described the moment an iron band clamped his chest and stopped the air before it could fill his lungs, “They froze. My lungs froze.”

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DISCUSSION CATEGORIES (You’re Not Invalid OR Alone!)
The “Holy Crap, What Happened to My Life!”  Journal.
Dementia? Anxiety? Hypoxia? Hypercapnia?
“(Patients, Families, Health Care Workers: REMEMBER THIS STUFF!)”
Learn to Breathe Again.
Tools: Vital Signs, Oxygen, Home Spirometry, Pulse Oxymeters, Nebulizers.
Give Your New Life A Chance: Daily Routines (yawn), Food Fuel (yech), Smoking (sigh), Exercise (ugh) .
Depression, Vitality and Pithy Rules .
What’s The Big Deal About Lungs?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Some Of Its Strange Bedfellows, Know The Meds/Treatments You’re Using, Odd Effects You Might Notice.
Cannabis, “Canna Oil/Canna Butter,” Legality
Living Rural With Chronic Illness: Local Resources, Building Networks.

Coming soonBreathing Is Life  with helps and hints for patients,  families and medical workers from a chronically healthy nurse who went to work one day and was discharged from the hospital a week later with an oxygen tank in tow.

In the wake of a sudden,  life-smacking medical crisis,  I needed a  place where I could speak as a nurse who hadn’t seen the collapse coming;  a place where other people whose health has been upended over night — or in a matter of seconds — can teach, learn and laugh together because, face it,  breathing  doesn’t have an alternative and the world is short on oxygen humor.

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