I’ve noticed a recurrence in visits from people who are reaching Breathing Is Political because they’re searching for information about a “moratorium in New York State.”

To clarify,  New York is functioning under a  de facto moratorium until the State is satisfied with  the Department of Environmental Conservation’s draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) on drilling/hydraulic fracturing.  If and when that statement is accepted as the definitive guideline for drilling oversight and enforcement in NYS,  it is generally accepted or feared  that the  “moratorium” will come to an end and drilling in NYS will commence.

An excellent response has been written to the dSGEIS by Dr. Ron Bishop and I’m hoping to have his permission to publish it at Breathing by tomorrow or the next day.

2 thoughts on “Gas Drilling : New York State Moratorium

  1. Amanda Halloran says:

    I can not believe that they aren’t conducting studies for THE BIGGEST CITY IN THE UNITED STATES (population wise, at least)?!?! Insanity.

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